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Monday, 10 May 2010


Hey guys, Just wanna let you know what's happened to this page. As you may or may have not noticed, I signed up last November. Unfortunately soon after, my PC caught a virus which locked me outta Windows completely *devastation* ...and I'd forgotten what my log in deets were... *Epic Fail* I know! Then my camara died on me too which was double heart-break but the sweet bf got me a new camara for Christmas.

Anyways, I didn't feel like getting another blog name but hadn't thought it'll take this long to get my PC fixed! The aforementioned sweet bf's got a friend who said he has the superior-techy-geeky-powers to restore my PC for me next week! YAY!

So... What I am saying guys, expect posts starting later this month. I never stopped my shopping activities people! I still kept buying "fluffies" for Jellyfluff's makeup treasure trove! I can even give you a teaser... Like what I hear you say? Well... only last week I pooled all my nude/greige cremes together and painted all 7 of them on for comparison and wear testing.

How did they wear?
Can you guess which ones I've got?

Check back in about 2 weeks to read all about it!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Hello all! This is my first post and typically, I have nothing to show... yet. Hopefully very soon that will all change as I'm going to conglomerate all my worthy show & tells together, then snapping away at them for you all to see. Also, apologies for my blog looking rather bare except a pic of me (thought it's the least I can do for now lol). Trust me, it will improve in the next couple of months :) For now, take cares and keep lemming! xx